It is not a cost, it is an investment in your product, brand and market.

What is Serialisation?

Serialisation is the tagging of the smallest sellable product with a two dimensional data code which contains a unique serial number that can be tracked within the supply chain. Aggregation is the tagging of each packaging format as a parent child relationship with the previous, as per image.

The code can consist of four parts:

  • GTIN number (Gen product ID)
  • Expiration date
  • Batch/Lot number
  • Serial number (unique to each pack)


Today pharmaceutical products, tomorrow all products under regulation or by corporate choice.


What is it?

  • A random generation of a unique, unrepeatable digital identifier
  • It can be applied to all products; individual, blister, bag, carton, cans, bottles and at multiple levels of aggregation
  • Overt and Covert, Track & Trace capability both temporal and spatial


What does it do?

  • Authenticates the product; in-store or online
  • Protects your customer, client, patient or end-user against counterfeit products
  • Real time supply chain management
  • Brand protection, product value enhanced
  • Assures access to regulated markets
  • Provides unequalled access to product life cycle and market real time data

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